A nudist couple stands in front of their clothed child, who has her hands on her hips. The couple has small smirks on their faces. The girl says "If we were meant to be nude, we would have been born that way."
Created with Pixton and The GIMP II
Two women stand in front of a car with beach gear. One woman is dressed casually, the other is wearing only a bikini-top. The clothed woman says "I know I said we were not going to the topless beach, but when I said to 'wear your one piece instead' I meant to wear your one piece bathing suit.
Created with Pixton and The GIMP II
A man and woman, both nude, are standing in front of a small. recently prepared garden. The man says his organic soil can grow anything. He has smudges of dirt all over him. The woman says "isn't organic just another name for manure?"
Created with Pixton and The GIMP II


cartoon new cannibals v3b pct15
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Nude figures gathered behind a nude archer shooting inaccurately at a nude figure covering himself.
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