“Puppets” by Fran Recacha
“Puppets” by Fran Recacha


In art theory, complimentary colors are two colors that are opposite one another on either side of the color wheel. An example would be red and green. Placing these two colors beside each other in a piece of art creates the maximum color contrast, similar to what could be achieved by using black and white. Additionally, contrasting colors cancel each other when mixed, producing gray. The use of strongly contrasting colors enables persons with visual disabilities to better see the art. In the painting “Puppets” by Fran Recacha, not only did the artist use the stark, Cubist shapes of the city through the window to contrast with the soft curves of the nudes in the foreground, but he also used the cool colors of the distant buildings to contrast with the warm, naked bodies of the people he depicted.

Our openness as nudists often contrasts starkly with the seclusion of the average person. Whereas we are willing to share ourselves nakedly with fellow nudists, most people fear that degree of willful vulnerability. This contrast, by itself, is not of particular value. It is incumbent on us as naturists to create lives of such obvious virtue that anyone seeing our nakedness will automatically think of our good deeds and associate the two. The best way to forward our cause is to make everyone want to emulate our lifestyle. Be the difference you want to see in the world; only then will people truly see how valuable your differences are.




“Against Darkness” by Arthur Bowen Davies

“If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following, then you are just taking a walk.” – Benjamin Hooks.

The name “avant-garde” means “vanguard” or “advance-guard”, with the meaning of a small group of soldiers that advances before the main body of the army, to scout out the area. In art, it means an artist or group of artists that pushes the boundaries of art, advancing the technique, style, or content of the art of an era. Like in the military, an artist cannot be said to be avant-garde unless others come along later and follow in their footsteps. Aside from the obvious need for both productivity and publication, an artist’s style needs to be distinctive and consistent enough that others can identify and imitate it.

As naturists, many of us hope to inspire others to imitate us. As with artists, this will only happen if others know how we live, and if our style of living is sufficiently different and distinct enough from the average that a person will note and emulate it. Be willing to let others know of your naturism, both in philosophy and practice. Understand why you do what you do, and settle in your mind what sets your practice apart from other ideas or philosophies. Be true to yourself, be consistent, and be generous.


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