Daily Art

Panther: a big black cat watching people skinnydipping
Panther: a big black cat watching people skinnydipping. Copyright James Owens 2022


The image with the big cat shows people enjoying themselves in the nude, all the while being watched by a predator. At the surface it would seem they are in grave danger. In a society where people often are nude in nature, however, would already have learned how to deal with predators. There would be guards and barriers and processes to reduce the danger.
In the world today, politicians often claim that they will protect their constituents against human and corporate predators. In many countries, most of the injury caused in people’s lives is inflicted by the heavy taxes imposed by an inefficient and corrupt government. It turns out the politicians are the predators, and they are the guards we have hired to protect us.
We all live around predators every day. We cannot avoid that. Just live your life as best you can.

A picture I recently added to my gallery shows two nudes with a snake. The guy is handling the snake while the gal watches. You may think the snake is endangering him, but he has a decent grip on it. The gal is not running away. She has a sort of guarded posture, and she has a wary expression, but she is focused on him and what he is doing. Men and boys are often the first into nudism. Women and girls follow along after the men have shown that it is safe. Nudism looks dangerous to people who have not tried it. Those who live it know how to handle it, however, and want to invite others to join in as well.


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