What is ‘Naturist’ / ‘Nudist’ Art?

To answer that question, first we must answer the question ‘What is a ‘naturist’ or ‘nudist?’ As I understand it, a naturist is a person who enjoys a nonsexual clothes-free lifestyle in an outdoor setting – preferably in a woodland or forest or mountainous setting – whereas a nudist is a person who would prefer to practice the lifestyle in the comfort of their own – or their nudists friends’ – homes and/or backyards.

Therefore, a naturist painting is one in which the subjects appear outdoors. Nudist paintings are not as easy to discern as a collection of nude figures does not necessarily mean that it is a naturist or nudist image.

While there are plenty of paintings of individuals or of groups of individuals of the same sex, we have chosen to use mixed gender images to better illustrate this form of artwork.

You can see examples of this at our archives at ArtDay Online and click on the ‘Daily Art’ link.