Welcome the Dusk; Four nudes on a porch
Welcome the Dusk by James Owens

For over a century, a photograph was deemed to be definitive proof; if a photo existed of a thing, then the thing was real. Used as evidence in trials and as documentation of the exotic, photography was considered a touchstone of reality. Then came digital photography, and Photoshop, and Abraham Lincoln petting my dog, and with it the realization that even our own memories cannot be considered an accurate record of the past. I feel I am, and I claim to be, creating records of what should be, rather than a record of what was or is, and I use my art to forward the causes I believe in. To amend the saying, if there are no photos, then it will not happen.

If you want this art to hang on your wall, I can discuss that with you. Send me a message and we will negotiate.