Corps Vivant

Corps Vivant: The Living Body
Corps Vivant is an exploration, a celebration, and recognition of the miracle that is every one of us.


Sacred Communion
Ceremony of Meditative Sound
Rite of Seeing
Rite of Recognition


Throughout the month of January, 2024 on Thursday evenings from 6pm until 10pm at the Brownhoist Building in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, there will be a celebration of the Corps Vivant: Ceremony of Meditative Sound. This will be a meditative event of quiet, directed drumming. This event is B.Y.O.B. — Bring Your Own Bongos (or bodhrán or bass or buk or batá or brummtopf or bendir or buben or burczybas or buhai or barrel or bucket or whatever style of drum you wish. We may have one drum you can borrow but don’t count on it). This event will begin as a textile event. Slots are limited and the door will be otherwise locked; RSVP. This opportunity is free by invitation. Contact us for more information.