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“Homo Erectus” by Aron Demetz
“Homo Erectus” by Aron Demetz

There is a temptation to say that the first art humans made was sculpture. Perhaps it was, but more likely sculpture and art made of durable materials was able to survive the millenia better, and thus the oldest surviving evidence of early art is made of stone. To be honest, sculpture is a form of art that fewer people experience on a daily basis. Our modern, electronically-connected, hyper-exposed, visually-oriented world is constantly exposing us to images, but proper sculpture is expensive and requires special care, and so we see much less of it. Having said that, it can have a greater impact on us when we see it, just because it is more rare, and more real, able to be touched and walked around and sensed in its surroundings.

Our lives are busy, full, and often just a bit chaotic. Downtime is becoming a scarce commodity. Even when we have time to relax, we often do not have a choice as to where or when, and thus must take what solace as we can snatch. Thus it is that fewer and fewer people are having the opportunity to relax and savor nature in their own natural state. Being naked outdoors in our society today requires time and planning, and often money, and all those things are becoming increasingly rare. This is a pity, because actually getting naked in the great outdoors has an impact on a person like nothing else can. It is our goal to increase the opportunities for people of all classes, races, ages, and abilities to experience naturism (non-sexual, social, mixed-gender nudity) for the first time. This does require effort and money, and we are seeking help to do this. If you are able and willing to assist, please drop us an email.

Today’s art is “Homo Erectus” by Aron Demetz.
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